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So this whole time I've been idle, I was cooking up some unique shit.
The Black Wizard Game is in it's final stages, and later on today or tomorrow, I will be uploading some stuff I've been working on since I've been gone :P
hopefully one of them will make front page since Black Wizard didn't :'( BAWWWWW

Sorry guys... I have officially quit animating. The Black Wizard game project is cancelled, and it only had a few more weeks left. The thing is, I hate animating, and always have. I only do it because it pays the bills. Well, I'm done with animating for good. I draw a little bit now, but there won't be an y more black wizard continuations, and if anyone wants to make a game for black wizard for me, go right ahead. But you won't be seeing one from me. Sorry guys :'( HOWEVER! Do check out some of my artwork.

Black Wizard

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Do vote 5 my good sir.


2009-05-24 20:56:38 by Ventor33

Vote 5!

Sad Cat released!

2009-05-24 15:54:38 by Ventor33

Sad Cat released. Nothing too exciting just a little loop. And as one viewer stated "It kinda relates to us all in some way".
Go ahead an watch it if you want. More comin' up!