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Black Wizard

2009-05-25 02:27:13 by Ventor33 r.php?id=496762&key=ZhUdCeXzRtOzJxbSti NmY1MjcxN2Y0QjQxOTIrNl9xMWIyMzE7QjQ0Ql YxOzJWMjJiNzIwZjUrVnFfOTcxbTk5MzU5NzIx Ng%3D%3D
Do vote 5 my good sir.


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2009-05-25 04:59:30

ok i will vote 5 that was amazing my good sir


2009-05-25 07:55:52

That is possibly the best thing I have ever seen!!
You've gotta hurry up with the full version!!


2009-06-04 22:24:41

i voted 5, its good and im very interested on how this would develop, also dont listen to the people who claim this is a rip off, because it clearly isnt, if everyone took their time to consider things and use common sense they'de realize, that work like this, with animation, music and timing, takes extreme care and time. you my good sir, have a gem of a stone on your hands, good luck with its development into something thats priceless


2010-06-17 01:50:09

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