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Black Wizard Game, Back In Action! Plus more flash,,

2009-09-15 15:17:00 by Ventor33

So this whole time I've been idle, I was cooking up some unique shit.
The Black Wizard Game is in it's final stages, and later on today or tomorrow, I will be uploading some stuff I've been working on since I've been gone :P
hopefully one of them will make front page since Black Wizard didn't :'( BAWWWWW


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2009-09-15 15:47:27

This is so great that you are back. I'm looking forward to your stuff.


2009-09-15 19:37:33

i jizzed terribly when i saw it ... so much win keep it up


2009-09-15 22:40:39

We've been expecting you :) ;) :D >:D >;D


2009-10-07 08:58:34

Looking forward to your unique shit :)


2009-10-16 20:09:00

fuck ya, black wizard ftw


2010-01-21 08:06:09

Will we ever see something?


2010-09-01 03:19:44

dude. what happened to the black wizard game. youve had atleast 2 years i think to make it


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